Corporate Drapes #310: 5 Styles To Look Out For After The Holidays!

Corporate Drapes #310: 5 Styles To Look Out For After The Holidays!

5 styles to look out for after the holidaysHolidays are special because some don’t get to go to work often, It is a break from your tight work schedules, deadlines, time for relaxing, planning without pressure!

It is always smart to plan your outfits for the week to ease stress and for emergency. While shopping on this holiday, Look out for the Crisp white long sleeve shirt, palazzo pants, well-structured blazer, and a statement two-piece outfit.

Match these outfits properly and see how they give you a brand new look when you resume!

Check out these styles!

Credit via Instagram @thefiafactory

Look 1: I love this look already! She’s stylish in a crisp white shirt and stripped palazzo pants.

Angela Ogbonna. Credit via Instagram @ihiakanwa

Look 2: The top is everything! It’s a combination of the cold shoulder top and a shirt. Lovely!

Oby Ohakim. Credit via Instagram @oby_o

Look 3: A well-structured blazer never disappoints. It adds a personality to your look. 

Credit via Instagram @grlamourpl

Look 4: A two-piece corporate outfit is a great idea for resumption. When you get bored with it, go versatile in matching different.

RAYSA GARCIA. Credit via Instagram @raysa.garcia

Look 5: Raysa is lovely in her striped shirt and sleeveless jacket. Perfect for the corporate casual day!

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