Can You Imagine What These Kids Ask Their Parents?

Can You Imagine What These Kids Ask Their Parents?

Can You Imagine What These Kids Ask Their Parents?This generation of children is not scared at all! sigh!

Children ask an average of 300 questions daily, very inquisitive little human beings! Girls aged four are the most curious, asking 390 questions per day – averaging a question every one minute 56 seconds of their waking day, Daily Mail reported.

Funniest thing happened this morning. My four year old asked me why I didn’t have a beard like her dad. It is simply amazing how their mind works.

From an early age, children desire to understand the world around them. Rather than get irritated by their endless questions, Parents should nurture and encourage this curiosity. Asking questions is an effective way of gaining knowledge and insight.

Father talking to daughter
Father talking to daughter

What’s responsible for this curiosity? It is the rapid brain growth in early childhood. In fact, 90% of brain growth occurs in the first five years of life.2 both nature, and nurture3 govern just about every aspect of a child’s brain development this includes those extra classes we pay so much for, after school lessons, and even educational toys or games. Life, on the other hand, is what the child possesses innately. Both inherited and what he eats. Yes, nutrition also plays a vital role in the mental not just physical development of your child.

parent-and-child-neighborhood-securityCertain nutrients help build up the brain. For example, DHA, which is an essential omega three fatty acid found in the brain. DHA supports developmental milestones such as speech, learning, and thinking. Children need a minimum of 100mg of DHA per day. However, most of the time their regular diet contains insufficient DHA. A typical daily diet of a child comprises Bread/Cereal (0mg of DHA), 1 Egg (14mg), Rice (0mg), Vegetable (0mg), Tuna fish (41mg) and chicken (21mg). Based on this, the approximate amount of DHA is 76mg of DHA 4 which is insufficient.

peak456So supplement your child’s diet with Peak 456 which is specially formulated for children aged 4-6 years old. It contains DHA and other vital nutrients that support your child’s continuing brain development and physical growth

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