MCOTD: Will Smith, The Legend

MCOTD: Will Smith, The Legend

MCOTD: Will Smith, The Legend

Had a tough time figuring who to crown my man crush for today but then the name Smith just hit me like a hard rock!! My man crush is the overly talented super funny and handsome ‘Will Smith‘, he was a rapper before venturing into the acting world, he is an American actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter with tremendous accomplishments in the television, music and film industry, he was born and raised in West Philidelphia.

He is hilarious, he can do dramas, can also do action movies as well, I mean very well, also he gave us hits like ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It,’ ‘Miami,’  ‘Men in Black’ this shows some of his multi-talented nature. 

will smith1

Everyone loves Will Smith, I have never heard anyone say that they don’t like him, let’s be real, he is the ultimate actor and a legend. Even at his age, he could probably play a 25-year-old role, and people would still enjoy the role he played.

Will’s first big Hollywood movie “Where The Day Takes You” hit the big screens in 1992 and it gave him an instant shot within other leading roles in big blockbuster movies. His talents have transcended into various elements of entertainment, and he has assured us everything he touches turns to gold.

will smith

He has acted blockbuster movies such as “Hitch, Independence Day, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Men In Black, I-Robot, I Am Legend, Concussion and lots more 

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