Should You Have Sex on Your Period?

Should You Have Sex on Your Period?

Should You Have Sex on Your Period?I was thinking about what else to write concerning sex and when I thought about this the first thought that crossed my mind was “eww! Hell no!!”… I know a large number of you guys have similar feelings.

It’s true that so many people have been made to feel that having sex during a woman’s menstrual cycle is dirty, unhealthy, or worse. Science has shown, however, that sex during a woman’s period can be more intense both for her and for him. Here’s why.

Increased Flow Means More Sensation

During the time of a woman’s menstrual period, she has increased blood flow to her uterus and genitals, bringing greater awareness of her genitals throughout the day. Having her period makes her more sensitive to touch and more easily aroused (that is if she does not have negative ideas about her period). Increased blood circulation allows for faster lubrication as many women who find that their bodies are more sexually responsive during their period. This combination of awareness and increased blood flow can jump-start arousal for females. Increased blood flow can also create a tighter feeling around the vaginal opening, creating a snugger feeling for him as the vaginal walls are already inflamed and sensitive.

Period sex can lead to stronger orgasms.

During a woman’s period, there are contractions of the uterine muscle to replace the tissue of the endometrium. Many women find that orgasms during their period are enhanced because of the sensitivity of the uterus during this time. Of course, the more foreplay a woman gets, the more oxytocin she can produce, which adds to the mind-blowing intensity of these orgasms. During her period, all of her sex organs are alert, sensitive and buzzing with energy, waiting to be released. In fact, some women prefer to have sex during their period because it gives them a pleasure they can’t get as easily at other times of the month.

Sex during your period may help shorten your period days.

With increased activity and contractions of orgasm, having sex during your period may help to make that time shorter. The uterus can remove it’s lining more efficiently so that the number of days of bleeding and spotting becomes less. Remember that sexual activity and orgasms help regulate your hormone balance as well, leading to the regularity of periods – but this is regardless of what time of the month you have sex. Orgasms during your period can keep things moving along smoothly.

How does sex during your period affect cramps?

Unless you have a condition such as endometriosis, having sex during your period can decrease the pain of period cramps. Remember that during orgasm; there is a surge of endorphins that are natural pain relievers. In fact, researchers have found that at the moment of orgasm, a woman’s sensation of pain is decreased by 75% or more due to a combination of oxytocin and endorphins. Considering that you feel less pain and your periods are shorter, you can see how sex during your period could make your periods much more pleasurable.

Period sex requires a little planning.

Of course, a little preparation goes a long way into having sex on your period. Some couples find that it’s a very good time for shower sex, making it much easier to clean up afterwards. If it is day 3 or 4 of your period, you might do fine having a towel underneath you specifically for that purpose to prevent staining bed sheets.

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