Fashion For Church #52: New Day

Fashion For Church #52:  New Day

new dayIt’s a new day to be thankful, joyful and of course, wear new clothes! For every new day, we have to value it because some wanted to live very badly but didn’t get the chance to.

Start this Sunday in colourful floral prints, opt for a second choice in animal print or turn up looking sharp in colourful stripes.

Check out these styles for inspiration!

Credit via Instagram; @okespecial

Look 1: Start out in a multi-section striped oversized blazer and pair with a matching heel.

Credit via Instagram; @mznwanneka

Look 2:A decent cold-shoulder dress/top is way to go!

Ma Ngu (Credit via Instagram ;@original_mangu)

Look 3: A maxi kinda Sunday! Ma Ngu dressed up in animal print maxi dress and a tummy belt 

Credit via Instagram @stylebybuiti

Look 4: A stylish look right here! Buiti adds fun to florals by matching two different floral prints and her look is lovely!

Davids Amaka (Credit via instagram; @pwettyu2nv)

Look 5: Colourful floral print on a cold-shoulder top isjust lit!

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