Maryam Salam: Introducing the I Just Got Back (IJGB) Series

Maryam Salam: Introducing the I Just Got Back (IJGB) Series

 Maryam Salam: Introducing the I Just Got Back (IJGB) SeriesHi guys,

Here is Maryam Salam. After much thoughts few months after graduation, I have decided to move back to Nigeria from the UK for my NYSC program.

It’s one of the biggest decision I have taken lately. This basically means I will be in Nigeria at least for the next 12 months. Excited? Well, I can’t say for now but I am pretty much open minded and looking forward to enjoying every bit of my stay here.

So, during my stay down here, I will be doing some little exploring. You can call me the Nigerian version of ‘Dora the explorer’, trying out products, food or style for you to discover.

The aim of this series is to update anyone at all planning to take the big step one day to come down to Nigeria for several months either for professional reasons or personal.

I believe Nigeria is an interesting country and there is definitely a lots to discover either related to fashion, beauty or lifestyle. It’s always great to have an overhead of what’s going on in a country before moving, so, I hope this comes very handy and helpful.

Stay around and get ready to explore Nigeria with me.

Comment down below and let me know if there is anything you want me to try out at all and I will surely consider it.

Maryam Salam
This is Maryam Salam. I am a blogger, fashion content curator and founder of The Blogger Point Nigeria. Multi-lingual graduate of Marketing and Branding degree from Nottingham Trent University. To know more about me, visit my website and on social media: Instagram - @fashionbydaisy. You can also email me at

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  • Oluwatobi Gbemisola September 1, 2016 8:49 pm

    Welcome to Nigeria and Kamdora. I’ll say you should try eating some of our indigenous delicacies like banga soup, oha, isiewu and dog meat. Lol. You could also visit some of the nicer places around Lagos.

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