Power S03, E07 Recap: Angela Valdes is in Serious Trouble with the Authority

Power S03, E07 Recap: Angela Valdes is in Serious Trouble with the Authority
Jamie & Angie in good Times.
Jamie & Angie during good Times.

It’s funny how life can just change in a split second in our eyes. Ghost seemed to have his life together after leaving the drug business. He has been touring a new life path with the club business and a happy relationship with Angie, the love of his life. The perfect scenario, everything they had both hoped and dreamed of has been happening.

However, in the last episode we saw James breaking it off with Angela, not because he wants to but to save her from cannibal Milan. Her sister Paz who never liked Jamie now hates him more after its been revealed to her her she’s been dumped. Angela revealed that “I compromised myself to be with him, …. I don’t even recognise myself anymore” as she cried.

Aside them having a really tough week dealing with their breakup, to make matters worse for Angela, the higher authority was also suspecting Ms Valdes of being the leak in the Lobos task force. Milan continued to torture and invade Ghost’s life by blackmailing him to get back into the drug business. Tommy has also found out his girlfriend Holly was pregnant with his baby while he strangled her to death – all these and much more are just a few highlights of the episode.

Angela Valdes

Angela Valdes  and the entire Lobos task force including Saxe, Mike Sandoval (Lobos B*t*h who is the real snitch) and Knox aka Greg (Angela ex-lover) are being investigated as it’s believed one of them is the leak.

MJ the OPR lady in charge of investigation revealed to the Assistant US Attorney that  “One of your people is dirty, David” and “I’m gonna find out which one”. Why is Angela the highest priority suspect on the list right now? I reckon it’s associated to both Knox and Mike revealing that she is still dating Ghost aka James St. Patrick or Jamie as she calls him and they believe she is the leak. Will this relationship once again hurt her career and her reputation?

MJ claimed Jamie played her and it’s because he knows she loves him. Insinuating love makes people do stupid things. Angela replied angrily “He didn’t play me, I played him. ….. everything have done whether ethical or in the gray has been to mount Lobos’ head on a wall”.

After this, they concluded among themselves they need to speak to James. I wonder on what. No stress, Jamie already has an Alibi. Remember him and Tasha lodging into Karen Basset’s luxury hotel in the last episode.

Angela & Tasha St. Patrick.
Angela & Tasha St. Patrick.

Angela decided to pay Tasha a visit and wants to know of Jamie’s whereabouts on the day of Lobos hijack. Trust Tasha, she lied bare-face that Ghost and herself were in the hotel all through making love.

As he is still her husband, she is not actually doing anything wrong. Angela doesn’t want to believe it and some part of her also does, she reminded Tasha that if she’s lying of his alibi, she can be considered an accessory to the murder investigation of Lobos. Deep down, Tasha knows this is true and may lose her kids if the authority catches up with her. However, she is willing to for the father of her kids and also her soul mate Ghost.

Mike Sandoval
Mike Sandoval probably talking to the late Lobos.

Mike on the other hand continued to deceive the OPR officials and proves his innocence on Lobos death. He managed to succeed even though he was initially suspected by MJ since he’s had the longest association with Lobos case. He denied all accusations thrown at him. Will they ever find out that not only is he the leak, but also the person who gave and called Lobos burner cell? Let’s wait and find out. I’m sure MJ will figure it out eventually as she seems like a very smart investigator.

Family dinner with Ghost, Tasha and the kids.
Family dinner with Ghost, Tasha and the kids.

Guess who showed up uninvited to the St. Patricks home? Milan of course. He decided to trespass by inviting himself and Tatiana who used to work for Ghost and perceived dead into his family dinner with Tasha and the kids.

Ghost is not taking this lightly and finds this move extremely invasive and disrespectful. He is paranoid and believes Milan has installed cameras in his home and watching / listening to all his conversations while monitoring his daily activities.

Is this really true, or is Ghost just being paranoid? As usual, Tasha suspected something was wrong and Ghost was obligated to reveal everything. The dynamics of their relationship is quite interesting to watch, they might appear to not be romantically connected anymore with their estranged marriage, but their friendship is unbreakable. She is the most constant thing in his life and as the mother of his kids, he knows he can always count on her. Tariq continues to misbehave and disrespect his parents, but they are not having it.

Ghost & Milan.
Ghost & Milan.

Milan has put Ghost on a tight leash with an ultimatum to pay him upfront for the new drug dealings by the end of the day or else, knowing clearly well Ghost needs to use that money to finalise the club deal between himself and Karen Basset.

He obviously doesn’t want to tarnish the relationship with Ms Basset and her father, so he swallowed his pride and asked Tasha to borrow him money from the children’s trust fund. She refused, even though he convinced her he will pay it back and would not steal from his kids.

I am happy she said no, the way things are going, she needs to prioritize herself and the kids.  He also asked Tommy too, who said no and that he wont jump at Milan’s every request and would rather do things his own way. Oh ye, Milan also wants Ghost to start selling drugs in the clubs and Basset’s hotels. With money troubles, which of these deals will Ghost sort out? I’m guessing Milan, there is way more to lose. 

Tommy being beaten up by Milan's Gang.
Tommy being beaten up by Milan’s Gang.

Milan wants Tommy to kill his priest friend because of his gun dealings. However, Tommy warned him to stop instead. Prior to this, Tasha worried about Holly’s whereabouts revealed that she is pregnant.

This just throws Tommy off and he rushed out of her apartment before doing something he will regret like starting a massacre. Not long after, he was kidnapped by Milan’s gang while he was crying on Holly’s makeshift grave. He was taken to a warehouse where they beat him black and blue to test his tolerance level.

During the test, he initially fought back, but then he stopped as he wanted to die knowing he killed the love of his life and his own child. Milan was watching and after the test, he noticed that Vladimir was right about Tommy and his fearlessness. He lives like he has nothing to live for especially now that Holly is dead. His intentions were to initially kill him, but he had a change of heart on seeing him as a lethal weapon as well as an asset he can actually use to progress his new operation.

Angie, "Please Don't Go", says Jamie.
“Angie, please don’t go”, says Jamie.

That’s not all for this episode, Angie suddenly shows up at Jamie’s apartment and demanded he helped her prove her innocence as she is being suspected as the leak. As predicted, Jamie denied any association and didn’t reveal who told him of Lobos whereabouts. She insisted he finds out. He obviously knows, but what will be the outcome of this new rift between them. Will Angela now give up Ghost? Or will she find another way to get herself out of this predicament. She always seems to find a way, we don’t doubt her ability to do so. However, since she’s broken-hearted, her head might rule over her heart.

Kanan Checking Dre.
Kanan Checking Dre.

Before I forget, Kanan is at it again. To know surprise he has been stalking Ghost. Then he attacks Dre from behind Ghost’s club when he saw Ghost and Tommy leaving with Milan’s gang. He immediately suspects something is going down and his informant is not telling him anything. Dre assures him he knows nothing, but promises to find out.

Dre then asks Ghost, and to his surprise is considering him replacing him and join forces with Tommy on Milan’s dealings. Finally, Kanan appeared to be helping an old lady carry groceries into her house. This seems too good to be true, then he suffocates her when they get inside. It seems he has some sort of connection to the apartment as she initially recognised him, but he obviously denied it. Let’s see what happens next over the next episodes.

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