Corporate Drapes #304: Revamp!

Corporate Drapes #304: Revamp!

revampTo revamp is to give a new form, appearance or looks to. It is changing your looks from what it used to be to an entire new, unexpected look.

As working class women we like to acquire new stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, watches etc. it’s like the inner shopaholic in us just rises its big head. Revamping our looks is necessary because it’s economical, it’s fun, helps you being creative about your looks and you get to repeat your clothes without appearing the same always!

It’s better to keep your old outfits and save them for the future than thrashing it except it is extremely bad! Accessory are important to getting a polished revamped look!

Check these styles out!

Credit via Instagram @sugarbabie342

Look 1: I’m in love with the ruffle skirt! This look can be revamped into a simpler and classic look by matching the blazer on a midi black dress!

Nini Enefola (Credit via Instagram @iamnini1)

Look 2: Matchy in blue! This look can be transformed into another look by matching the pants with a printed look and the cape be matched on a midi flare or high waisted skirt.

Chrissy (Credit via Instagram @justmissedtherunway)

Look 3: Loving the androgynous vibes right there! Revamp this look by tieing the scarf on the hair, changing the pants to a skirt (Flare or high waist) and the shoes to a pointed version .

Folake Huntoon (Credit via Instagram @stylepantry)

Look 4: Folake’s look is admirable! Her ruffle top is made out of a Chambray shirt! She matches with a fitted lace high-waist skirt.

Stephanie Isiofia-Eziokwu (Credit via Instagram @stephanieees001)

Look 5: Accessorizing is key to revamping your looks. Stephanie takes her peplum game to the next level as she wears a skinny belt on her peplum dress!

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