Power S03 E06 Recap: Angela and Jamie Finally OVER!

Power S03 E06 Recap: Angela and Jamie Finally OVER!
Power S03 E06 Recap: Angela and Jamie Finally OVER!
Tommy and Holly during the good times.

Tommy is grieving over the loss of Holly, the love of his life but he is trying to hide it and focus on the task at hand which is; to finally join forces with Ghost to kill off Lobos. They need to get the job done fast before he actually gets to them. 

Their plan is to hijack Lobos truck while in transit with the help of Tasha as cover.  The brotherly love between these two is blossoming again. Tasha does not know that Holly is dead and neither did Tommy knows Holly was pregnant for him. How will he react when its eventually revealed he killed his baby too? 

Tasha enjoying the benefits of staying in Karen Basset's luxury hotel.
Tasha enjoying the benefits of staying in Karen Basset’s luxury hotel.

Ghost, Tommy & Tasha used Karen Basset as a cover up which involved Tasha playing house and pretending James & herself are still together. Knowing Tasha, which clearly still has a soft spot for him especially as the father of her children said yes to the plan. They were lodged and hosted by Karen. While Tasha stayed behind to enjoy the luxury hotel lifestyle, Ghost and Tommy were on the move.

While Lobos is in transit under the law enforcement care, the three musketeers are in action. They successfully hijacked his escape plans even with the help Michael, Lobos insider. Knox was shot during the hijack and Angela feels bad for it. As usual, his initial instincts of there being a leak in the task force and their unit was right. However, he does not know its’ his colleague Michael.

Lobos and Mike "A dog will always run back to its owner".
Lobos and Mike “A dog will always run back to its owner“.

Tommy and James kept contemplating whether to kill him off or not, but eventually they did after he tried to disappear from them. Finally, Lobos is finally dead.

While Tommy and Ghost were out on their mission to kill off Lobos, Tasha went through James personal belongings and saw the separation papers. What will you do in that kind of situation? Tasha is finally going to get on with her life and able to focus on raising her children successfully, especially Tariq her son which is mostly affected by the separation based on his new behaviour.

The Employer has become the Employee "Ghost Vs Milan".
The Employer has become the Employee “Ghost Vs Milan”.

An old enemy comes back into James life known as Milan, the Serbian gang leader. Unknowing to him, he has been working as Ghost’s bodyguard who saved him from the Jamaicans. Milan finally reveals his agenda for stalking ghost. This new plan requires Tommy & Ghost collaborating in the new venture. If Ghost refuses, Milan has promised to take it out on his closed ones which include Tasha, his Children and Angela.

Everyone knows Angela especially is James sweet spot. She has been his love interest since they were 15 years old. She tends to be what is used to threaten him since they have been officially dating. Tommy reckons she’s a liability and suggesting she should be killed off. What do you think, Is she really that much of a liability?

Angela and Jamie finally breaks off. I thought true love always wins? I guess I thought wrong.
Angela and Jamie finally break things off. Did I think true love always wins? I guess I thought wrong.

AnywaysTaking the advice of his best friend Tommy, Ghost finally breaks the relationship between himself and Angela instead of killing her.  He blamed the breakup on his family being dysfunctional. They broke up even though they genuinely love each other. How will Angela Valdes cope with this? Will she now start betraying him? I reckon Jamie as she calls him she watch his back, especially now that she is starting to have a soft spot for Knox again. A rebound relationship between her and him can bring about consequences for Ghost.


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