Power S3 E4 Recap: “Don’t Worry Baby, Everything is Going to be Alright” says Holly to Tommy

Power S3 E4 Recap: “Don’t Worry Baby, Everything is Going to be Alright” says Holly to Tommy
Kanan and Jukebox's recruit at the Jewellery store armed robbery.
Kanan and Jukebox’s recruit at the Jewellery store armed robbery.

Apology Kamdora Tribe for the late posting of this episode. As anticipated, it didn’t take Kanan a long time to go back to his corrupt ways. He assisted his corrupt cop cousin Jukebox in successfully executing an armed robbery of a jewellery store with other recruits which ended with Kanan killing the recruit that works in  the store. Jukebox allowed the getaway car escape in her watch while the robbery was radioed in from the NYPD radio operator. They celebrated in a strip club where she advised and convinced him to keep Ghost alive, that he is more useful alive.

James still continues to grow his club empire. He finally has a meeting with Karen Basset, a major influence on his empire’s growth. With the business going well, trouble in paradise as usual for him and his girlfriend Angela. He finally meets her sister. Even with his effort to ensure everything runs smoothly, there was a tense atmosphere between them all as a result of an argument which escalated between the couple prior to her sister’s arrival. After the last incident of Tariq, James and Tasha’s son taking a gun to school, Angela feels responsible so she decided to visit Tasha and apologise. She did it because James had been banned from bringing his children back to Angela’s house. He got annoyed with her for meeting up with Tasha without his consent.

Knox and Ruiz get acquainted.
Knox and Ruiz get acquainted.

Angela’s ex-lover and colleague Knox is still on a mission to make Ghost pay for his crimes and corrupt way of life. He has connected with one of Ghost’s old associates Ruiz who has been in hiding. He cuts a deal to testify against Lobos in exchange for his freedom and writing off of his past crimes too.

everythingTariq and Uncle Tommy reconnecting.

Tommy has been a bit distance from his Godson Tariq since him and Ghost stopped doing business together. However, he visited him at home to reconnect with him. Tasha noticed Holly was not consuming alcohol, which baffled her. She asked why, to her surprise it was revealed she was pregnant but hasn’t told Tommy yet. Congratulations Tommy. However, is she going to keep the baby? Especially since Lobos is seriously after them. The killing of the couples’ dog is only a taster, if he gets a whiff of her being pregnant, that will be the end of the mother and child. With all these things to worry about, or else Tommy kills Ghost, I doubt Holly will keep the baby. She already acts like a mother figure to Tommy.

Don’t worry Baby, I’ll sort it!

Holly finally takes the matter of killing Ghost into her own hands. She orders a hit from the Jamaicans on him without Tommy’s knowledge. He already disregarded the idea of hiring a hitman to do the assassination. Will they succeed in Killing Ghost? If they don’t, Holly is in serious trouble with Tommy. Even though she is considered his soulmate, especially with the sexual chemistry they have.  I am certain that is not enough for him to be pushed to murdering his childhood best friend Ghost. If anything, she is likely to bear the consequences.


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