Makeup and Glasses: 6 Things To Note

Makeup and Glasses: 6 Things To Note

Makeup and Glasses: 6 Things To Note

As cute as the geeky girl look can be, wearing glasses can sometimes be a pain when it comes to figuring out your eye makeup. this can become a little bit difficult.

Because we know this can become a little bit difficult, to help you! glasses-wearing beauties here are six things to NOTE

woman-with-glasses1. Eyeshadows: Because dark shadows and smokey eyes only make your eyes appear darker behind those frames, go for a light, highlighting shadow colors on your lid and medium shade color in your crease.

Always to blend in properly.

glasses n makeup2. EyeLiner: Matching your liner to your frames is not cute *straighFace*. They make your eyes look dull so to avoid this, go for eyeliner colors that are at least a shade or two lighter than your frames.

For black frames: go for grey, brown or navy liner.

-For brown frames: go for taupe or bronze liner.

-Thick frames call for thick eyeliner and same goes for thin frames and complimenting thin eyeliners

woman-glasses-33. MascaraMake sure to use these babies on JUST the top lashes ONLY. This works to make your eyes look extra wide! Avoid apply mascara to your lower lashes to prevent creating and casting a shadow on your glasses. Wearing mascara on your lower lid is hard enough anyways, we are happy to SKIP it entirely.

To learn how to apply mascara like a pro, click HERE.

4. Concealer: Undereye circles are NOT your friend if you wear glass, and now is not the time to using the wrong concealer either. Please go for yellow (or any other complementing alternative) that works to keep those bad boys away.

glasses n makeup 25. Eyebrows: Note to self: DO NOT FORGET YOUR BROWS: Sometimes we focus so much on what’s behind the frames that we forget to look up! Remember always emphasize your brows: brush, trim/tweeze and keep in-formation.
6. Foundation and powder: Skipping your skin: Yes, emphasis’s are on the eyes when you’re wearing glasses, but it’s no reason to ignore the rest of your face! Taking the time to work the face and smooth out with the right foundation and/or powder is the best way to keeps the eyes in the spotlight.


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