Daily Inspiration: No Condition is Permanent in Life

Daily Inspiration: No Condition is Permanent in Life

m1iLife is very unpredictable and nobody can actually predict exactly how tomorrow is going to plan out.  An Igbo proverb says “Tomorrow is pregnant”. We can only plan towards it and hope things work out for the best. Too many people live their lives today like this is how it will be in the future based on their expectation.

In Nigeria, there are many people who are pompous and lack humility, treating others badly because they are in positions of authority or fortune. Why is it that when you see a family on day out, you can identify the house maid immediately, especially by their dressing? Why can’t they be treated like a family member too?. These are individuals looking after your children when you are too busy to answer to their beck and call. Some people are cruel to the extent that their maids eat separate food to theirs.

The maid you are segregating, belittling and enslaving might be the employer of your children one day or even their landlord or lady. Do not think you will always be wealthy, or be in a position of authority. God works in mysterious ways. Treat others the way you want to be treated, you know why because “No Condition is Permanent”.

2nd Corinthians Chapter 4, Verse 18 says that “So We Fix our Eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is Unseen is Eternal”.

You never know where life will take you, so be nice to people who come past your path. Life evolves in phases and no phase is ever permanent. Things will definitely change. We will all go through trials and tribulations, don’t let them change you to becoming a negative and unkind person. Don’t judge people too quick either, because you don’t know what they are battling.

Please do the world a favour, teach your children better values. We need better-behave people in this nation, who are positive citizens of the world and will live by the principle of treating their neighbours how they will like to be treated.


Mariam Tijani
Nigeria Born, England Raised & now Lagos Resident. I love Fashion, Design, Adventure, World Cuisine, Music, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am on a mission to Inspire African Youths.

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