10 Fashion Risks That Are Worth Taking

10 Fashion Risks That Are Worth Taking
fashion-risk-header-640x431Do have a wonderful read as we give you the words from Kamdora contributor, Olaitan Bobade.
What’s life without taking risks? Now, when you hear the word ‘risk’, what readily comes to mind is using all your savings to invest in a business you’re not sure of its success or not reading up about a company before attending their interview. Well, all those are risks but have you ever considered taking a risk in the fashion world? There are fascinating fashion risks out there you should take. Adding some of these risks to your bucket list wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  1. Go androgynous from head to toe: Not every time Cinderella sometimes be a tomboy. Pair a shirt with bow tie or suspenders, pants, loafers/sneakers, sock it up and you’re ready to go.
  1. Get bold lips with eyeshadow: Give yourself a fierce look by rubbing in some of the loud colours in your eyeshadow palette on your lips. 
  2. Be that bride with a different wedding gown: This would get some eyebrows raised primarily in Nigeria where wearing a colour other than white means you’re pregnant or thereabout. On the flipside of the coin, raised eyebrows are supposed to be part and parcel of taking risks, aren’t they?
  1. Triple the Denim: It used to be double denim, but the tides are ever changing. Rocking denim from shirt down to trousers is the in-thing now and trust me, you can’t go wrong with it. Just make sure they aren’t of the same shade so it doesn’t get boring. See how Style Blogger Wumi ‘Tuase and American actress Gabrielle Union effortlessly slayed the look?
  2. Sock it up: Heels, sneakers, sandals – whatever footwear tickles your fancy, rock it with socks.
  3. Mix Prints: This is a risk that requires a whole lot of wit. Be careful not to overdo it.
    fashion risksfashion risks
  1. Get playful in a jumpsuit: Who says you have to wear a dress to that formal event? The only downside to this is that you’d have to bare it all in the ladies’. It’s not supposed to be a risk if you don’t go out of your comfort zone, yeah?
  1. Wear mismatched earrings: Finally, there’s something to do with that lovely ornament you can’t seem to find its match. You can wear a long one on one ear and a short one on another one. Avoid doing it the rice (silver) and beans (gold) way, though.
  2. Put on the same colour from head to toe: Yes, you should. The trick to pulling this off like RiRi did is opting for the lighter version of the colour.
    fashion risks
  3. Buy something without looking at the price: Biggest risk of all time. Let your guards down once in a while and buy it! Enough of letting that fashion piece haunt you for not purchasing it. 

You really should try one of these because if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more!


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