Power Season 3 E02 Recap: Angela Finally Meets James’s Children

Power Season 3 E02 Recap: Angela Finally Meets James’s Children
angela and ghost new
Angela & James St. Patrick going strong.

After surviving the attack which occurred while in the care of the Police, Filipe Lobos is keen not only to stay dead under the John Doe prosecution but also on a mission get an act of revenge on James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) who organised the attack. With this mission comes lots of sacrifices for Tommy (Joseph Sikora) who has been commissioned to kill Ghost, his former best friend. Lobos being him has threatened Tommy and his small family with Holly (Lucy Walters) his girlfriend and their dog. The last episode revealed the dog was killed in Tommy’s apartment. This is clearly Lobos way of showing Tommy how serious his threats are. Is Holly next to be killed if Tommy does not succeed killing Ghost? Not if Ghost gets hold Lobos whereabouts first.

Oh! Angela (Lela Loren) finally meets James’s children. However, not without Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) support who paid her a visit to warm her in into a new adventure of step-motherhood (if there’s such as word lol). The children slept over at hers and James’s apartment. It gave her the opportunity to get to know her future Step children and see if she can handle it. This particular scene warmed the audience in on dealing with separation in a marriage and its impact on the children. Tasha appeared to be handling it quite well, but is this just a façade?

tasha kids
Tasha and her children.

James is finally settling in the corporate world with a little help from Dre, as a result of this, he recently acquired a new club. However, a new competition in the club business arises. How long will they stay competitors for? Knowing James, I’m sure he’s already plotting an exit strategy for them. Time will tell.

Dre and James
Dre and James! Photo Credit

Tasha and Tommy are joining forces. With all the skills she acquired and developed from being married and working with Ghost, Lucy advised Tommy to partner with her. How will Ghost feel about this new partnership? Stay Tuned.

Tasha, Tommy & Holly!
Tasha, Tommy & Holly!

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