What’s The Deal With Asoebi?

What’s The Deal With Asoebi?
What's The Deal With Asoebi?
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It’s the weekend again! Lot’s of weddings and owambes to attend. Lot’s of glamming up to do. But wait o, I’m still asking. What’s the deal with asoebi? Is it by force?

Don’t get me wrong; I totally love weddings and the built up anticipation that comes from waiting for the D-day. And I’d honestly do anything within my power to support my friend or relation on her big day… Even if it entails buying an overpriced piece of fabric and still having to get the tailor to make a trendy style (Don’t even get me started on the cost of making a dress these days. Tailors are not smiling!).

The part I honestly do not understand is how it has now become low key mandatory to buy asoebi. I mean if it were cheaper; say the regular price from the market or even slightly hiked because hey, you’re trying to rake in a little profit, I’d understand, and I’d gladly buy but when I have to save for months just so I can afford your asoebi (something I might not wear up to three times after your wedding before I get tired of it) then sister, please count me out.

The one that even annoys me most is the preferential treatment given to Asoebi draped wedding guests. They get all the cute gifts, they get served first, they get specially decorated tables. And we, non-clad folk, are relegated to the background. We become invisible. Please, why did you even invite me?

Anyway, I’m just saying, if you’re bent on recovering part of the money you spent on planning your wedding, please, wait till you get to the dance floor to do that. Don’t impose it on us hustling sisters to break our banks just to compensate you for getting married.

It is not by force!

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