This Is Why Your Man Can’t Get It Up Fast

This Is Why Your Man Can’t Get It Up Fast

This Is Why Your Man Can't Get It Up FastSo I’ve heard some ladies complain about how their man can’t go more than one round at a time. Meanwhile, it takes up to three rounds for them to get optimal satisfaction.

Well, there’s a reason your man can’t get it up immediately after one round.

After orgasm, both men and women experience a resolution stage. At this time, their bodies “recover” from sexual excitement and goes back to normal. All sexual awareness disappears.

The man’s penis becomes lax again, and his body goes through what is called a Refractory Period. During this time, he doesn’t think about sex nor does he get aroused. His body doesn’t respond to sexual stimulation, and he is unable to reach orgasm again until after this time has passed.

The length of the refractory period differs for every man. It may take half an hour or more for his body to perform sexually again.

Some younger men may need only a few minutes or even seconds of refractory time, but older men have a longer refractory period, sometimes between 12 to 24 hours. For some men, the refractory period can last even a few days.

Researchers don’t know why the refractory period varies so much among men, but they do know that it has nothing to do with the potency of testosterone levels.

So honey, next time your man finds it difficult to go a second round immediately, it’s not necessarily because he’s got low sex drive or doesn’t find you attractive. It’s just the refractory period. Just give him a few minutes and he’d be good to go!

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