Top 5 Places To ‘Get Your Freak On’

Top 5 Places To ‘Get Your Freak On’

Top 5 Places To 'Get Your Freak On'Having sex in your bed has become so normal that it has kind of gotten boring. The truth is there are tons of other places to have sex, literal few feet away from you.

So here’s a list of 5 places he is definitely interested in getting down to switch things up.

1. The shower. Hey, the idea is to get dirty before you get clean. In terms of sexual creativity, the shower is really a bold step. Anyway, it’s the shower, a place where you’re always naked in, so why not be naked with another person. Save water, shower together….Then get steamy *wink*

2. The bath. Run a bubble bath with scented oils to heighten the mood. Bath tub sex is great but you might be limited in terms of positions and all. Also, be careful not to hit your head or joints on the hard bath tub… The aim is pleasure not pain.

3. The floor. The floor is a great extension of the bed. If you’re not particularly adventurous, then be sure to give this a try. Beware of rug burns though.. Tiles are always a better option.

4. Your kitchen table. So you’re cooking up something delicious and he comes up behind you and starts feeling you up.. C’mon honey, don’t be a spoil sport.. Turn the kitchen table into a quickie spot and get some things of yours cooking.. If you know what I mean. (Abeg don’t forget to wipe it off with bleach or something though… There’s veggies being chopped on that thing *side eye*)

5. The car. Spontaneity is almost always sexy. So why not give it a try, straddle him and ‘go for a ride’…. Trust me, you won’t forget this memory in a hurry.

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