Being an Ideal House Guest

Being an Ideal House Guest
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Picking up whence we left off the other day, here are the remaining tips on how to be that house guest that a host wouldn’t mind welcoming to stay at their place again and again:

  1. Don’t depend on them to entertain you. Do plan in advance for activities within their vicinity or connect with people who can spare time for you. Do remember, your host’s life must go on. Do tell them you will be out, so they are not worried about you in your absence.
  2. Do clean after yourself. If you use the bathroom, make sure you leave it clean, even if you find it dirty. If you use a dish, wash yours and others found in the sink. Do make sure you lay the bed, even if you found it not laid.
  3. If you go out, don’t come back at an unreasonable time that inconveniences them such as waiting up for you.
  4. Don’t take up all their space or scatter your things all over their house, keep all your things together so when you leave, you take everything along with you.
  5. Do show gratitude, it goes a long way. For example, ask them about their day or if anything is troubling them, without coming across as being nosy or pretentious.
  6. Ensure you return all the things you borrowed in their original condition. I recently had a house guest who used my towel for weeks without washing it. If you borrow a book, do return in the original condition.
  7. Thank your host for accommodating you, while you are there and also while you leave. It will also be nice to leave a handwritten note as well as a call when you leave. It shows appreciation.
  8. Do keep in touch after leaving. Don’t make them feel like you used them and that’s the end of it. Check up on them once in a while. You never know when next you might need their hospitality.

The truth is there are certain people I like around me because they are least demanding and I consider them selfless. I have been lucky with some great house guests, and some not so nice ones. Some of the greatest ones will cook or clean before I get back to the house. They definitely get invited back, due to how thoughtful they are. Don’t always think your host wants money from you. An act of service is sometimes the best way to show appreciation.

Above are the etiquette which might help you while being a guest at someone else’s house. It’s time to book that summer getaway you have been putting off!

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