Why Your Skin isn’t Still Clear + What to do About it

Why Your Skin isn’t Still Clear + What to do About it

clearDo have a wonderful read as Kamdora contributor, Olaitan Bobade takes you through some tips on skin care.

It’s not just enough for you to develop a skin care routine as I have come to realise. You can follow the basic Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturize steps and still the changes you notice are annoyingly subtle. I used to be very impatient when it comes to noticing changes on my skin until I decided to put in energy and time into research and I discovered it could take months for some spots to disappear. I also realised there are some Do’s and Don’ts to be followed so as not to defeat the purpose of which you’re treating your skin. 

 Here are some of the things you do that impede the glowing of your skin. 

  1. You carry out your routine without washing your hands first – This is a No, No ladies. From touching your cell phone to your doorknob and all those fomites, your hand carries numerous bacteria so just make sure you wash your hands first before washing your face. 
  2. Your hand is always all over your face – Or maybe your friend’s. You know that ‘Oh my God, you look so good, let me touch your friend’s cheek.’ Yes, all those germs on your face make everything worse. 
  3. You over exfoliate/over cleanse – Ah yes, I used to be guilty of this one until I saw the light. Scrubbing harder and harder thinking those spots would go faster not knowing I’m only drying out my skin. And then after the furious scrubbing, the skin has to compensate by secreting more oil. Oil you were trying to reduce in the first instance. Go mild with your cleansing and exfoliating. 
  4. You sleep with makeup on – Really, no matter how mild the makeup you’re wearing is, you should never go to bed without getting rid of all the dust and dirt that have accumulated on your face during the day. 
  5. You use a sponge on your face – Sponge is a no-no too. Most sponges are too hard for your face especially the very sensitive skin under your eye. Dump your body sponge and go for your clean hands instead. 
  6. After washing, you clean with a dirty towel – Baby girl, no. Don’t put all that dirt back onto your face. Get a towel specifically for your face and make sure to wash it frequently.
  7. You use expired makeup products – Expired products are as bad for your skin as they are for your digestive system. Get them in the garbage can! 
  8. You purchase your beauty products on impulse – Strut confidently to the beauty department of that store, bring out your phone and check out the major ingredients. Don’t buy a cleanser or an exfoliator containing Salicylic Acid just because you like the sound of it. Don’t buy a toner containing alcohol. It would dry out your face. Better still, walk into the store knowing what and what you’re looking for in a product. Don’t pick randomly. Don’t! 
  9. You neglect the adequate diet part – The role of fruits and vegetables cannot be overemphasised. They contain antioxidants that help to counteract the action of free radicals in the body. You really are what you eat. Eat less of fatty foods. Spinach, Oranges, Lemon, Pineapple, Cucumber and many others aid the glowing of your skin. 
  10. You don’t drink enough water – I know, I know. You probably didn’t expect this but what can we do without good old water? Nothing, absolutely nothing so drink up girl, drink up! 

Don’t break these rules. Follow your routine religiously. There you are, on your way to having a clear skin.

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