Ankara Styles #129: Ring Ring!

Ankara Styles #129: Ring Ring!

Ankara Styles #129: Ring Ring!Looking good never gets old! Pretty women in pretty Ankara dresses tickle our fancy and yes! we celebrate them.

Turn simple dresses into statement classy pieces with a creative twist, details and of course accessorize!

See some inspiration here!

Ring ring!
Violet Bannnerman (credit via instagram @akosuwa_vee)

Look 1: Stylish Violet slays in her pretty Ankara print dress and oh..the big belt is everything!

kayla oniwo
Kayla Oniwo (Credit via Instagram @kaylaoniwo)

Look 2: Kayla is a style stunner! Love the dramatic floor length cape!

Hamisa Mobetto (Credit via Instagram @hamisamobetto)

Look 3: Who says you ruffles don’t make dresses pretty? Hamisa is definitely slaying in her mini simple dress with ruffle details! 

Ariyike Akinbobola (credit via instagram @ladyariyike)

Look 4: Mini dresses with an intricate pattern is way to go! Ari is so on point in this dress!

Credit via instagram @chloethebrand

Look 5: Take my breath with some maxi pieces by Chloe!

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