Movie Review: Independence Day – Resurgence

Movie Review: Independence Day – Resurgence

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This Monday which is also the USA’s Independence day, we have Richmond Bassey with a fresh review of a timely movie.

So apparently I was dragged out of the comfort of my cool evening swim few nights ago to the premiere of Independence Day: Resurgence when a friend of mine who was in town and was ‘connected’ to organisers somehow got my name on the guest list – it’s good to know people in high places right?

Anyway, on my way to the venue, I didn’t really know what to expect because I hadn’t seen the 1996 prequel (Independence Day), starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, but I just was excited to see my friend again.

independence day

I arrived about 10 minutes into the movie and even before trying to dive into my popcorn, within minutes I was drawn in. Personally I am not one to fancy movies about the galaxy and aliens and all that drama, but this one actually gave me the itch.

Basically, the movie presents an intergalactic struggle between our planet and some aliens trying to steal ore from the earth for their scientific development.

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As the 4th of July was approaching, a satellite engineer (Jeff Goldblum) detected a 3000-mile wide alien ship approaching the earth. Thankfully, the nations across the world had already started gathering extraterrestrial technology to develop an immense defence program. When the aliens finally struck, the U.S president, teams of scientists and brave fighter pilots had a tough job to defend the planet from strong alien fire-power.

To be honest, what was most fascinating for me was the weird looking aliens! I even have a cringe right now as I write this review. I thought the effects were really good and I hadn’t seen such weird looking creatures in a while…Lol (as though I have even seen one before).

independence day5

Without too many spoilers, I think it you should go and see it. It would definitely be a good time at the cinemas I promise you.

I would say kudos to the movie director Roland Emmerich. I think he and the team did a great job because the movie was a good mix of science fiction, a little comedy and some romance. If I were to do a rating, I would probably give a 7 out of 10.

You can watch the trailer below:

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