Daily Inspiration: Learn From The Ants!

Daily Inspiration: Learn From The Ants!
Daily Inspiration: Learn From The Ants!
Work together!

Apart from the undeniable fact that the ant’s sting hurt so bad, the ants are a living proof of handwork and strategy. They have been greatly underestimated by humans. I watched the ants intently and learned these few lessons from them after spilling crumbled sugar (on purpose) on the kitchen marble.

  • The ants are hardworking insects and work in unity to achieve their goals
  • The ants are very strategic insects- they reform and cooperate even when they are attacked.
  • They never accept loss. They would still come for the ‘sugar’ hours later much after you forget to clean up the “spilled sugar”.
  • Information is the core for action from an ant! As untrue as this sounds, I watched one ant form into a colony to collect the sugar crumbs from the marble (how incredible!)
  • They are willing to cooperate in order to get food for the whole colony!


I respected the attributes these ants exhibited and compared them to humans and saw a huge gap.

We need to work hard to have the good things of life, we need to be strategic and fight back when we fail, we need to be in unity, put aside your differences and work together, love ourselves and of course it won’t hurt no one to share a vital information that would benefit you and others!

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