Rising Above All- Toke Makinwa for Glam Africa Magazine [More Photos]

Rising Above All- Toke Makinwa for Glam Africa Magazine [More Photos]

Rising Above All- Toke Makinwa for Glam Africa Magazine [More Photos]
Toke Makinwa is Pretty in Pink
For over half a decade, Nigerian TV, radio and YouTube sensation, Toke Makinwa has built the eponymous brand we see before us today. Diverted from her reluctant career in banking she has worked tirelessly to become the media mogul we all know, allowing no person or circumstance to stop her from being the best.

3 Glam Africa Mag Toke MakinwaIn this issue of the Glam Africa magazine, Toke speaks about her recent challenges and how she overcame them to maintain her crown as Nigeria’s top social media personality. Toke is on a mission “to showcase ‘New Africans’ who are working hard and creating their own wealth and affluence” and she shares the secrets behind that in her interview.

5 Glam Africa Mag Toke MakinwaAdding to an exclusive interview with Toke, Glam Africa’s Power edition is “full of strong men and women with competitive mindsets – those who are hungry for success and strive for the best. And, of course we also bring you the best of lifestyle too: new adventures and culinary delights”- Karine Laudort, Editor-in-Chief, Glam Africa. 

6 Glam Africa Mag Toke MakinwaIt’s her work ethic and driving ambition that puts her in league that epitomises power.  This does not come without discipline and strenuous labour. And, presented with the opportunity to sit down with this superwoman, we couldn’t resist talking about her upcoming projects and what differentiates Toke the person from Toke Makinwa the brand.
4 Glam Africa Mag Toke Makinwa


“Radio presenters go on to make better TV presenters”, she advised whilst explaining how those early experiences shaped her career, radio not being the field she intended to settle in. “I knew I had a husky voice. People often said I sounded like a man. I didn’t think that was a good thing.” Yet it was that very voice listeners became so fond of. “Now radio comes first.”


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