Health Benefits Of Palm Oil

Health Benefits Of Palm Oil

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always made her stews with palm oil aka red oil. I never ever liked the idea. don’t get me wrong, her stews still taste amazing. I just prefer the ones made with the regular vegetable oil. But after seeing these findings, I’m beginning to appreciate my mother’s red oil stew more now.

Recent research has shown that palm oil offers many health benefits, and since Nigeria is one of the known producers of the oil, all the more reason to reap its benefits!

Here’s some you should know:

1. Fat Busters

Recent studies have found that the red oil can help to fight fat cell production. It is naturally high in vitamin E and gamma-tocotrienol. The University of Florida has discovered that the latter can be used as a natural supplement for controlling body weight.

2. In the Kitchen

Cooking with palm oil has been proven to help build up the skin’s natural defence against UV damage. Dr Michiaki Murakoshi, the director of Life Science Research Laboratories, found that red oil is rich in carotenoids, which naturally help to combat damaging UV rays.


The oil also has more alpha-and beta-carotenes than carrots and tomatoes; these help the skin to protect itself from damaging toxins.

3. Smoothing It Out

Palm oil also contains tocotrienols that could delay the onset of wrinkles. Research conducted linked tocotrienols to the prevention of telomere shortening. It found that longer tolemeres meant younger, healthier cells so preventing their shortening equates to youthful skin.

So ladies, once in a while, give this rich red, vitamin A filled oil a try in your meals!

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