A Reply to Steve Harris: Dating a Broke Guy

A Reply to Steve Harris: Dating a Broke Guy


Kamdora reader, Timothy Oreoluwaread Steve Harris article on here on Dating A Broke Guy, and has a reply! Read on for his thoughts on the pains of being a broke boyfriend.

  1. Divided attention: You want to hustle so hard and get out of the bottom, you have lofty dreams broken down into goals, and still you want the love of a lady.
    After losing two girlfriends, I have learnt no matter how hard your hustle is, no matter how much she believes in your dream you still got to make out time for her. You have to call her in the afternoon, send text messages saying sweet nothings, be spontaneous, and do crazy things for her.
    It’s so hard to do those things in the hot sun running around to make your dreams come true or when you trying to beat deadlines.
  2. Complex issues: (This doesn’t apply to all “broke guys”) I have met some broke guys who are constantly insecure, always looking over their shoulder when a guy on blazers says hello to their bae. The innate feeling of inadequacy breaks a whole lot of these guys. It’s so hard to feel proud of yourself when you don’t have so much to be proud of.
  3. Unrealized potentials (Dating wise): Trust me when I say this, “broke guys” are often creative in their minds. They have wonderful concepts, and they know great places to take their boo.
    They see lovely stuff on Instagram, things they wish they could get for their GF but “wey the money?”

My advice to fellow “broke dudes”: Firstly, being broke is temporary but being poor is permanent, if you have a poor mind-set then you are done.

No woman I repeat no woman regardless how much she loves you is worth giving up your hustle for, if she truly loves you, she’ll support you through the storm. Finally never you forget those who stood by you during trying times.

My Advice to girlfriends/fiancées of we “broke guys”: I can’t say I totally understand or feel your pains but this I can assure you, when he makes that big break, you are going to look back with smiles on your face saying, “WE did it!”.
Don’t just believe in his dreams, take steps to make sure he achieves them, build that man, encourage him, cut him some slack when he forgets little things (like your birthday or relationship anniversary… lol guys I’m joking o Don’t Ever Try It!).

Finally, love yourself, love him/her, and live in the moment. Be happy.

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