Shoes I Call Fabulous #4: Sport Shoes!

Shoes I Call Fabulous #4: Sport Shoes!

Been like ages since the last episode of this seriesyeah? Don’t mind me please!

So, number four in our series is about Sport Shoes – every lady should have at least three pairs!

Why? Because we (need to) workout to keep fit every once in awhile. You maybe go to the gym every Saturday. You may have some hangouts with your friends that may just call for sporty casual: tank top, jeggings (leggings like jeans) and a sporty shoe. And sometimes, we want to show off our designer sport shoes and we realize they actually fit some other “non-sporty” pieces! *wink*

I listed out my 5 favourite designer brands when it comes to buying my sport shoes…

1. NikeSport Shoes

2. AdidasSport Shoes

3. ReebokSport Shoes

4. PumaSport Shoes

5. AsicsSport Shoes

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