Busty Babe Problems: How To Style Your Favorite Wears

Busty Babe Problems: How To Style Your Favorite Wears

babCrop tops, jumpsuits, high necklines… If you’re a well-endowed lady, your instinct may be to stay away at all costs, but doesn’t your heart just break every time you see a cute, off-the-shoulder blouse? Fear no more, busty friends, because I’ve found solutions to all your woes.

Here’s four styles you can (and should) wear even if you’re #blessed.

Joi (Credit via instagram @inmyjoi)
Joi (Credit via instagram @inmyjoi)

Never shy away from the ones for fear of an unflattering fit. Just make sure the silhouette highlights your upper chest area. Namely, aim for a pointed V-neck, which creates the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.

Anita M...Sure, this one may require a strapless bra, but it’s certainly not off-limits. Make sure the blouse you’re choosing fits comfortably around your upper arms and is made of light fabric (so it drapes easily over your curves). A single ruffle is OK, but shy away from anything too frilly to avoid unnecessary volume.

lacelYou already know to avoid a turtleneck like the plague, but what about trendy high-neck tops? Rock it girl–just with a little styling help elsewhere. First, make sure your top fits you like a glove (extra fabric here is not doing you any favors). And second, remember to define your waist (say, with an A-line skirt or high-waisted pant) so that you’ve broken up any long lines.


Camelia Saealy (Credit via Instagram @cameliasealy)

Always risky, I know, I shy away from them too. But appropriately cut crop tops are actually a busty lady’s best friend. Why? Well, just like tucking in a high-neck top, a crop top breaks up the visuals of a curvy torso. Just keep it ladylike by opting for tops with sleeves and choosing a flowy piece on the bottom to even out proportions.

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  • Yeancar June 10, 2016 10:53 am

    Nice write up, however, I disagree about avoiding turtlenecks, if you are busty with a nice figure, try it and you will thank me later, far better than exposing your boobs unnecessarily …. Egg neck tops too are gorg

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