Your Hands Need Attention Too!

Your Hands Need Attention Too!

handsWhen caring for our skin, we pay so much attention on our face as this is the first part of our body anybody gets to notice, I get that, but your hands gets noticed too.

Just by shaking ones hands, you can tell if a person’s hand is dry, soft, or rough in essence well taken care of.  People say if your hands are soft, you do not do any house chores and vice versa…well that’s not true. Some people who have rough dry hands probably have a condition called eczema (dry skin) which also affects the hands. The condition of your nails also is a real indicator of your lifestyle and diet. Good nutrition will show up in pink, smooth nails. Sadly genetics play a part in the appearance of your nails.

Hand care might not be everyone’s most primary concern but the hands also gets exposed to the sun and other aging factors just as much as the face causing the hands to look wrinkled, dry and also age spots. When we wash our hands, this causes our hands to dry out and can also cause the nails to become brittle causing breakage.

The Image Iluma Hand Crème

The key to good looking hands is moisturizing and a sunscreen during the day. Yes sunscreen. It seems tedious but hand creams are now made with sunscreen in them which makes moisturizing of the hands less burdensome. The Image Iluma Hand Crème is one of my favorites. It’s portable, has an SPF 15 and also evens out skin tone.

hands 2When starting a hand care routine, there are little tips you can do that don’t necessarily require much of your time.

1. One of the easiest ways to remind you to moisturize is to place bottles of hand creams by the sinks in your house or offices (kitchen, toilet). This way, whenever you wash your hands, you can rehydrate as soon as possible, leaving your hands feeling soft and well hydrated.

2. It’s also ideal to carry around a hand cream in your bag especially for those whose hands are extremely dry. They need to moisturize every hour or two to avoid the hands getting dry again. Hand creams are made so portable they can fit into a wallet so you have no excuse. Get the Iluma hand crème.

3. Anytime you exfoliate your face, you can also use the excess product to exfoliate your hands. You can do the same with your facial moisturizers that way you are killing two birds with one stone.

4. It’s worth taking the time to look after your nails as they are almost always on display. Manicures are very pampering so treat yourself to a salon appointment if you want to sit back and relax, but otherwise they’re very easy to do yourself at home.

Simple things can make a big difference. Hand care is very similar to any beauty routine, you just have to find what works for you and try to be consistent.

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