Wrong Assumptions Women Have About Men

Wrong Assumptions Women Have About Men

Wrong Assumptions Women Have About MenWomen may believe that they know everything about men. But, the fact is they don’t. Some of the most basic qualities of men are either misunderstood or ignored by women.

I’ve put together some of  the most common illusions women tend to have about men.

1. Men are not sensitive

Men have a few soft spots that they are sensitive to. These spots differ from man to man, but you can be rest assured that men get really sensitive about a few things. When they care enough, they will shed a few tears and even bawl like a baby.

2. Men hate to talk

Well, to be frank, men hate to listen to you all the time. But they would love to talk about themselves if you ask intriguing and interesting questions. They can talk non-stop about their favorite games. You just need to pick the right topic to get the men going.

3. Men love women who wear provocative clothes

Well maybe, men like to look at women who wear provocative or revealing clothes, but men certainly also appreciate the art of subtle dressing. That doesn’t mean you must cover yourself from head to toe. Just make sure you dress like you love your body, and at the same time don’t give away everything!

4. Men don’t like to argue

This totally depends upon the subject. Men can argue for hours on which team plays the best in a soccer game, but will not have much opinion to share on your new lingerie.

5. All men can think about is sex

Well, it is a true fact that men love and appreciate good sex. But they also appreciate intimacy and would give away anything to have a long-lasting relationship. Sex is essential, but men also need honesty, frankness and loyalty from women.

6. Men are satisfied with what little they have

Well, this is certainly not true. Just like us women, men look for growth, appreciation and love. They need to be told how special they are and how loved they are. They seek encouragement and a pat on the back from time to time. Men do not like to be taken for granted. Men want women to realize that they are emotional human beings and their needs go beyond sex, beer and sports.

Well, now that you know, give him more. Making your man happy isn’t so difficult. And if you’re ever at a loss as to what to do, talk to him… Ask him direct questions. You’d be surprised at how much he’d open up when he knows you really care how he feels.

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