Corporate Drapes #262 : Its Gemini Season

Corporate Drapes #262 : Its Gemini Season

Corporate Drapes #262 : Its Gemini SeasonIs it the sixth month already? wooow!

It’s just so awesome to be here at this time of another year and I know that some gemini’s are excited whoop! whoop! For the Gemini, style is the very essence of who they are as they love shopping and fashion, and the way they dress requires a lot of pieces and colour to play up.

The Gemini woman loves trends and the changing of the seasons, pioneering new looks and different styles, then tweaking them to be uniquely hers. When it comes to fashion and beauty, KAMDORA is her source 🙂

It’s going to be fresh time for us as we all grow in influence and bring about change. So dress up, get set, and strut it with some fresh styles this June!

Check them out!

Chrissy Akomea
Chrissy Akomea (@justmissedtherunway)

Look 1: Starting the month out with hot new shoes and a winning smile adds to your style.

credit via Instagram @esebrodricks
Credit via instagram @esebrodricks

Look 2: Ese takes off with a pop of color on a lace shirt and wide legged pants.

Ijeoma Onuoha Credit via Instagram @ijay014
Ijeoma Onuoha Credit via Instagram @ijay014

Look 3: Say yes to a houndstooth crop top and high waisted pants and statement heels for a double stare at work!

Stella Uzo (Credit via instagram @jadorefashion)

Look 4: Go with the trends and make a statement in a set of gingham check and look fabulous in style.

Makuachukwu Ekene Nneka (Credit via instagram @stainless_queenkay)
Makuachukwu Ekene Nneka (Credit via instagram @stainless_queenkay)

Look 5: Nneka looks pretty in a green peplum top and knee length skirt. She stands out in her pair of statement Sophia Webster heels.

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Vickie O.
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