6 Signs You’re Addicted To An Abusive Relationship

6 Signs You’re Addicted To An Abusive Relationship

6 Signs You're Addicted To An Abusive RelationshipIn a relationship, abuse can come in various forms including verbal, emotional or physical. But the irony is that many women feel like continuing their relationship despite facing abuse.

Are you one of them? Here’s how you know……

1. You always think that it is your fault

Abusive partners often make the other partner in the relationship believe that they are always at fault. If you also think that your partner is rightfully meting out the abuse at you because it is you who is at fault, you could already have succumbed to the addiction of an abusive relationship. Always remember that in a relationship, both partners are equally responsible for each other. It is not only you who has to bear the accusation of being at fault all the time.

2. You love him despite the abuse

Do you desperately wait to meet your partner despite his abusive habits? Do you still see him as your perfect companion even though he abuses you? Do you still feel safe in his arms even after he has just meted out abuse on you? If you have similar thoughts, you could be really addicted to your abusive relationship. Because if you weren’t addicted, you might have left him a long time back.

3. You have become numb to name calling

It is a sign that you are addicted to your abusive relationship when you become completely numb to name calling. This is a situation when you stop feeling bad even if your partner calls you by insulting names. The easiest way to find out is to actively listen to your partner’s verbal rants when he argues with you, and judges your own reaction at being called derogatory names.

4. You still trust him

Despite the fact that he is abusive, do you still trust him to always speak the truth and never to cheat on you? If this is the case, your addiction may have subconsciously built a false platform of trust. This means that you trust him blindly even though there is a thought deep inside your mind that if he can be abusive to the person he loves, he can also lie, cheat or betray.

5. You fight with your friends when they give you advice

What is your first reaction when any of your friends tell you that you are in an abusive relationship? Do you patiently hear them out or do you snap at them and get angry? If you instantly lose your temper and refuse to hear them despite the fact that they are speaking the truth, it is a sign that you are addicted to your relationship. If you weren’t addicted, you would have been able to see that your friends wish well for you and want you to stop being abused.

6. You have never thought of calling the relationship off

It is a natural human tendency to want to get away from any form of abuse. Have you ever thought about breaking up with your partner after he started abusing you? If the thought has never crossed your mind, you could be addicted to being in a relationship with him. If you had thought logically or if you were not clouded by the addiction, you would have not only thought of breaking up but you may already have parted ways with him.

Breaking free from a toxic and abusive relationship could be one of the toughest decision you’d have to make if you’re addicted.. If you need help with how to get out of the relationship, click

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