Corporate Drapes #255: Bold and Beautiful!

Corporate Drapes #255: Bold and Beautiful!

Corporate Drapes #255: Bold & Beautiful!

Do you have one of these outfits whose silhouettes seem work-appropriate but there is something about the colour or print that makes you feel they are too bold for you to pull off to work? Do away with that fear and just go for it! You would be really surprised how they will turn out; I’m pretty sure you, and everyone else would love your look!

No matter the colour, the length, the pattern, or whatever, just do it! Once in a while it will feel nice to break out of the norm, as long as it’s within boundaries of HR-approved dress code of course! Or you could wear them to work events or any event that has ‘Buisness Casual’ as dress code.

Need some inspiration? Scroll on!

Look 1: @annamuro29's monochrome trouser is bold and chic! It is perfect for work, and she matches it well with her white blouse and blazer
Anastazia Muro (Credit: Instagram @annamuro29)

Look 1: Anastazia’s polka dot print trouser is bold and chic! She matches it well with her white blouse and blazer and work-appropriate heels.

Look 2: @_amoanimaa__baakoop33_ pulls a daring "check-print midi dress work look" and pairs it with animal print pumps. Now that's bold and pretty!
(Credit: Instagram @_amoanimaa__baakoop33_)

Look 2: This pretty mum of 4 pulls off a check-print midi dress work with leopard print pumps. Now that’s bold and pretty!

Look 3: @tounaj serves us her bright colours combo, with a monochrome shirt to match!
Adetoun Ajiboye-Omb (Credit: Instagram @tounaj)

Look 3: Toun serves us a bold colour-combo: baby pink and baby plue with a striped long-sleeved shirt! We don’t know how but it’s stunning and we love it!

Look 4: @umycutie perfectly matches red and monochrome. Monochrome is such a beauty!
Umy (Credit: Instagram @umycutie)

Look 4: Umy is work-ready in a perfectly matched red top and monochrome striped skirt. She is such a beauty!

Look 5: @ifydivaa is "plaid-perfect!" Her pants are so beautiful, and black sure does justice to her entire look!
Ify (Credit: Instagram @ifydivaa)

Look 5: Ify is plaid-perfect! Her plaid print trousers are an interesting switch to an everyday basic work look.

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