Put Some Respek On Them Brows: Eyebrows Do’s & Don’ts – By Lola Oj

Put Some Respek On Them Brows: Eyebrows Do’s & Don’ts – By Lola Oj

Put Some Respek On Them Brows: Eyebrows Do's & Don'ts - By Lola OjI think it’s no surprise that I am a brow lover! Let’s just say, my brow game has come a long way since I started, lol.

I have personally made some of these errors myself, so technically by me pointing them out, you can avoid some mistakes!! 

1. DO maintain your natural brows by shaping and grooming them, this will make them easier to fill. If you have nice full natural brows, you may not need to fill at all! DON’T feel the need to shave them all off to achieve the look you want, if you have extremely stubborn brows I know some opt to shave off the ends. Ultimately I will say shape not shave!!Dont shave off your brows

2. DO feel free to use brow pomade/pencil/gels for your brows, dependent on the look you are trying to achieve or your preference. DON’T use eyeliner as a brow pencil, eyeliners have a different consistency and are designed to transfer colour onto the eyes easily which may leave you will thick brows. However if you run out of brow pencil, you can use brown eyeliner lightly for that day.Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 08.59.31

3. DO measure the length of your brow; I like to create an angle as if my wing liner would reach the edge of my brows to determine the length. DON’T make your brows too long, if you have nice natural brows follow that length; it usually looks over dramatic when it is too long.

4. DO feel free to use multiple strokes for filling your brows. DON’T use straight harsh few lines to fill your brows.

5. DO use concealer to neaten your brows. DON’T forget to blend in the concealer towards your eyelids, without blending it really looks peculiar.Dont leave concealer unblended

6. DO thin out the beginning of your brows for a more natural look. DON’T create block brows as they look too bold and unnatural.Dont create block brows

So ladies, but some respek on them brows!!!

Now the video…

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