Super Easy Tips For Applying Nude Makeup!

Super Easy Tips For Applying Nude Makeup!
nude makeup
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Easy Tips To Do Nude Makeup Right!

If you choose to endorse this look, you’ll be showcasing your natural beauty without using a substantial amount of makeup. It’s just you, but better – enhancing what nature has already blessed you with. Some people consider this look ‘bland or muted‘, but if you’ve applied the right kind of products and on the right places, you can really look like a diva!

The key to doing it right is to ignore the labels on most ‘nude’ beauty products, as we all have different skin tones and undertones,  and instead play around a bit to find the right nude for you.

Less Is More:

This is the first rule of the nude makeup look. You will have to unlearn whatever you’ve learned about applying foundations and concealers. You should not look caked-up while trying to look natural. Use foundation carefully and know when to stop! But most importantly – make sure you have the right foundation to create the right base.

nude makeup

Aim to look as natural as possible: 

This should be your main goal. Choose shades that look natural on you. Dark skin tones can naturally play a lot more with how their skin reflects light and opt for a matte texture, while paler skin will require products with a dewy or metallic finish to achieve this look. For eyeshadow, use palettes with warm neutral tones such as browns, bronzes and golds. Lip colour should also look natural. To achieve the best nude lips, liners are your best friend: tones of browns or pinks in lieu of of chalky or bright pinks. And instead of matte lipstick, apply a little gloss on your lips directly.

nude makeup


You don’t really need oodles of eye shadows and liners when you can look fabulous by putting a little mascara alone. We all know how wonderfully mascara works on our eyes. Just trust your old buddy and give it a chance. If you want, you can add false lashes or a stroke of an eye pencil to give a glamorous twist to your final look.


You can use blush, but make sure it compliments your skin tone. Do not opt for shades that look contrasting and also, keep a check on the amount of blush being used. Powder-based blushes are usually preferred for the nude look.

nude makeup

Create Your Own Style: 

The most amazing thing about makeup is that you can experiment all the time. Although, the above mentioned rules generally apply to the nude look, you can break them to create your own personal style statement.

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