Handling Shrinkage

Handling Shrinkage
Ajike Lilian

Hello Natural Hair lovers, we will be talking about Hair Shrinkage like we promised. We know a lot of people with virgin hair or permed hair experience shrinkage regularly – and might be having troubles taking care of it.

The essence of this post is just so you can understand that Shrinkage is unavoidable because it’s just what our curly hair does; it is also to help women who prefer their hair stretched out, manage it effectively without causing damage to the hair.

Natures Gentle Touch Argan Oil Heat Protection Therapy


We recommend the Natures Gentle Touch Argan Oil Heat Protection Therapy if you have to stretch out your hair from time to time. Both virgin and relaxed hair experience hair shrinkage, however, it is common with Virgin hair.

Benefits of the Natures Gentle Touch Argan Oil Heat Protection Therapy;

#1. It adds sheen permanently into the hair- Asides from been protected from the heat of your blow dryer, which is a primary function of the Argan oil, it absorbs the sheen without leaving it on the hair shafts

#2. It penetrates easily.

#3. It helps corrects and repair cuticles – Majorly, for relaxed hair with frizz ends.

#4. It is also important to note that after applying the Natures Gentle Touch Argan oil to hair, it helps retains the bounce

#5. A lot of you may not know, but shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair, proving that your hair is not damaged from the harsh weather or other unseen factors.

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