Am I Too Old To Rock This? For the Ladies in Their 30’s!

Am I Too Old To Rock This? For the Ladies in Their 30’s!

Recently my niece was talking about how in love she was with the blue lip trend. I was looking at her with the eyes of “what is this one on about today?” And she goes on to show me pictures of how her friends in University were rocking the lip trend. Then it got me thinking, what is the age limit for some of these beauty trends that have surfaced? We see Rihanna who is in her 20’s rocking gold lips but can a 40-year-old rock this same look? When is it time to say, this look is too childish for me?

I know many people might say, “Ah! Ahn! Is it not style again to express yourself no matter your age?” But as my niece kept raving about blue lipsticks, I already knew I was too old to try it and I’m still in my late 20’s. I believe in the expression of one’s self through makeup, fashion and style but I also believe there really is a limit towards everything because as you age, your choices and lifestyle decisions also change.

Here’s a list of the trends that I think 30-something-year old-ladies need to stop:

1. Outrageous Eyelashes

beauty trends
Switch up the fan-looking-lashes for subtle, natural-looking lashes

Simplicity but with a touch of elegance is key. You cannot be rocking eyelashes that look like a hand fan. If your makeup artist decides to convince you that you can rock this look, for that youngish vibe, biko send them packing. You should instead opt for stylish Mink lashes that are soft but still portray sophistication.

2. Glitter Eye Shadow

beauty trends
ShaylaGlitter can be sexy but should not be overly done!

Someone was actually trying to fight me about this recently. It is not very appropriate especially when you over-do glitter eyeshadow. When you use it mildly on the eyelid, it’s cute, but a situation where you go and spread it like you’re spreading 20 naira Blue Band butter on soft Agege bread is beyond my understanding.

3. Over-winging your eyeliner

beauty trends

Over-winging is a NO!!
Personally, I like that over-extension with your jet-black eyeliner. I think its very flattering, especially when you’re going for that sultry-look. But how flattering is it on the older generation?

4. Colored Mascara/ Eyeliner

beauty trends

This one just has to stop!!! I can’t understand why a woman who just turned 37 years old still wants to form 21. Coloured eye-shadow is allowed but not mascara/eyeliner.

5. Obvious glitter lips

beauty trends
Over-Glittery Lips is not an option!!

Do we need a mirror that talks and points out the obvious? This is a big NO. Lipsticks that have glitters are nice, especially when you go over the lips with a liner to tone it down. But to add more glitter because your birthday party theme said “Shine”, then you decide to do shine-shine all over? Not acceptable.

What are the other common beauty trends that you think isn’t age appropriate for the 30-something-old-woman? Please share below!

So one day, i got bored and learnt how to arch my brows and all that contour ish. The next day I learnt how to do wigs, then i decided to write about all my skills and the interesting and not so-interesting things i learn in this no-fuel country/hardlife plus struggle-to-be-great of a world!!

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