Cabbage: The Poor Man’s Drug!

Cabbage: The Poor Man’s Drug!


Cabbage is commonly known as “The Poor Man’s Drug” because of the health benefits it carries along with it. Although cabbage is not a very commonly liked vegetable, it is a very nutritional vegetable that can be an added advantage to the body if consumed regularly.

The following are some of the health benefits of cabbage which should compel you to make it a part of your daily meal:

1. Maintains Brain and Nervous System

Cabbage is very rich in iodine content, hence having it as a part of your food regularly will help in the proper functioning of the brain and the nervous system. It is also considered as an important cure for certain neurotic disorders like the “Alzheimer’s disease”.

2. Controls Constipation and Ulcers

It is medically proven that having cabbage juice regularly can be considered as a good remedy for ulcers, but you need not always opt for it in juice form. Half-baked cabbage or boiled cabbage is also good. Pop in some pepper and salt to make it tasty. Also regular consumption helps reduce constipation, which can ultimately help you to live a healthy life. Since cabbage is rich in fiber, it helps your body in clearing bowels.

3. Contains Abundant Vitamin C

Many of us might already know that cabbage has a very rich content of Vitamin C. In fact, the vitamin C content in it is much more than the ones we have in certain orange varieties. Consuming this super food regularly will help your body to be immunized for fighting against cold and cough.


4. Helps in Detoxification

One of the very important uses of cabbages is that it is very helpful in purification of the blood and also removing toxins. They have abundant content of Vitamin E which helps keep your skin, eye and hair healthy.

5. Fights infections

Cabbages contains adequate amounts of sulfur, meaning regular inclusion in your diet will help the body fight infections in a better manner. It will also help the body in making the wounds heal faster.

6. Treats Roughage

Roughage is a deficiency of the body that results in ulcers, headaches, cancers, loss of appetite and skin diseases. Consuming cabbages regularly will help the body fight against this deficiency and protect the body from any health issues.

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