How To Rock A Short Dress Like A Star!

How To Rock A Short Dress Like A Star!
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Hey fashion lovers, let’s talk dresses…

Every girl likes to be trendy and stylish, and all fashionistas know that short dresses never become old. A short dress can make a girl look bubbly or hot, young or mature, depending on how she carries it, and the kind of cut the dress has.

Here are a few tips to carry off a short dress with poise.

1. Stockings

If you are conscious about showing off your legs then stockings or leggings are the thing for you. Team it up with your short dress and be uber confident. You will look super trendy and it’s a look you can carry off throughout the year. These days, stockings and leggings are available in various colors, prints and designs.

2. Opt for a flare

A dress with a flare gives you the girly look you always wanted. Plus, it’s great if you aren’t feeling too confident about your hips or thighs. A flare flatters the female figure and works best as a summer or a beach dress. You can even wear it to prom or for a date with a special someone.

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3. The belt trick!

Sometimes, short dresses made in certain fabrics hide your body’s beautiful silhouette, making you look plain and dull. You can show off your curves smartly by adding a belt to the waist of your dress. Not only that, a belt makes a short dress look chic and you will make heads turn.

4. Accessorize smartly

The charm of a short dress is best when it does the magic alone, without too many other things interfering with the outfit. So accessorize smartly with sling or clutch bags, a cute neckpiece or nice big earrings, or even a hat. Remember, choosing the right shoes is the most important depending on the look you want to go for. Ballerinas or sandals make for a cute, casual look, while wedges or stilettos can bring out the poise and elegance and even the sexiness in you!

5. Choose the right underwear

It’s really important to ensure that you are wearing the right underwear for your short dress. Don’t distract people by either showing off your underwear or wearing something that doesn’t fit right. Seamless bras and panties work the best for dresses that cling to your body or are made from sheer fabric. Now that you aren’t worrying about your underwear, you can carry yourself with grace and poise.

6. Exude confidence

You can choose all the right accessories and wear the right cut , but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t feel good about yourself. Once you have chosen a dress and accessories that you are comfortable in and look great in, tap in to your inner confidence. Take pride in your look and believe in yourself. Walk tall, smile and be confident! It will add to the beauty of your dress!


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