This Lady and Her Bra

This Lady and Her Bra

Sir Vic: “What is the one thing most females have a lot of but only use one of?”

Me (at 17 years): “I have no idea.”

Sir Vic: “Bras.”

I replayed that conversation in my head, a few weeks ago; over 10 years since it happened and I realised that Sir Vic was indeed right…at least in my case.

I have a thing for underwear (One day, I will tell the story of a former school mate who scarred me mentally when she told me the number of pants she owned in 2006. It was too low for comprehension). It just feels good to know that my undergarments are on point.

I own over 12 bras: the must haves – black and nude strapless bras and regular bras and a number of other ones, of different cuts and and fabric. I started wearing bras early in life (#EarlySprouterChronicles) and I did a rather good job with picking out comfortable bras even though I had no prior knowledge of bra fittings.

In 2012, I bought this white bra that felt like it was made for me by angels. It was soft and comfortable, with an underwire support that didn’t hurt my underboob, and the padding was just enough to conceal my peek-a-boo nipples without adding more to my already rather obvious bust. I loved it. I wore it a lot. This bra remained my fave till 2014 when I had my first official bra fitting in a Victoria’s Secrets store.

I learnt two things from that experience. First, I realised I was actually a cup larger than I had always thought I was, and second, I bought my first ever significantly-expensive-but-totally-worth-it set of bras. There were three of them, but one stood out. It was a Victoria’s Secret Pigeonnant Push-Up bra.


That bra was LIFE. It gave every outfit an extra presence, it made my boobs happy (like really, I could feel them breathing properly since they weren’t held down in a space that was too small), the outline was not visible through cloths and believe it or not, my confidence levels increased. It also didn’t have that high riding back that I thought was normal with bras (apparently, wearing a smaller cup than you should makes that happen). It was black. I wore that bra almost everyday. Like, all my friends knew that was my bra. Never mind the fact that I had a dressing drawer full of bras…it was that bra or a strapless bra to fit the outfit or no bra. Period.

Then the clasp broke.

Without even contemplating, I got a needle and thread and stitched it. Then the strap got weak. Without a thought, I sewed in the base of the straps to give them extra support. There just was no thought in my head for simply wearing another bra. It was that bra or none.

Then I decided to replace it this year.

I had a silent meltdown when I went to the Victoria’s Secrets site and chatted with a sales representative and was told the specific bra was a Limited Edition offering and was no longer in production. That rep must have hated me. I haggled her for so long…kai! I didn’t like any of the alternatives she asked me to look at. Then she advised me to go to a store and do a new fitting.

So I did.

And I found another Pigeonnant bra. It wasn’t the exact same one as I had before but it was the same cut and form. The only difference was the length of the middle bar between cups. I hugged the attendant at the store and gave him a big kiss on his face.

Since March, I have put on my new bra almost everyday. Somedays, I go back to the old one, almost with a sense of nostalgia and the need to not forget an old love just because a new love moved into town. I don’t remember the last time I wore any of my other bras and frankly, I don’t feel the need to fix that.

I have a lot of bras…over 12 of them but I mostly ever wear, The ONE.


Do you also have a fave bra that you always wear? Or it’s just me? Let’s chat below!

Tobe Nneji
Tobe Nneji, known also as TobeDaDiva, is a Nigerian media personality, passionate about broadcast media, self development and women's advancement.

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  • follycrown April 19, 2016 5:43 pm

    I also have favourite bra…. Lolz

  • Funky April 19, 2016 7:31 pm

    Lol….I am absolutely guilty of this

  • sholabomi April 19, 2016 11:10 pm

    Oh! Trust me, you aren’t alone in this, I have this one bra, Hmmmn! I have stiched, fixed new hooks, when the former one broke, I just can’t leave the bra!i’ve looked for the exact. Replica to no avail o! My friends know me with the bra,i’ve bought and tried on so many,but it’s just not the same! Close to 3years now! I have another one now sha, but I don’t think I can let go!

    • Tobe Nneji April 20, 2016 1:36 am

      Oh Sholabomi, we should just start a club maybe… “the one bra club” lol. Thanks for commenting.

  • Abby April 20, 2016 12:12 am

    This is absolutely meee ,i have mre than 12 sef but one particular hadly leave my sight day in day out

  • mirrorsbymosun April 20, 2016 7:23 am

    Yes I do have a favourite bra and it was presented to me by my sister on my birthday last year and I love it

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