87Origins: A First Look at the Fashion Brand

87Origins: A First Look at the Fashion Brand
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Over the weekend, 87Origins – an online fashion & lifestyle brand owned by Tiwa Osibodu and Tolani Tubi and aimed at making modern & sophisticated garments accessible to everyone (both men and women) – had their official press day and Ngozi Okoli and I were on the scene to experience this first hand.

Photos: Press Day at 87Origins

About the Brand:

Born in 2016, based in Lagos Nigeria, 87Origins is in the business of making great designs accessible without following the traditional retail culture of high mark-ups for good quality clothing. Basically this means they plan to make ALL their pieces at the very best quality within the price range of N5,000 – N15,000! This got me very excited to be honest!

The Press Day:

We were welcomed into a very nicely set up showroom where all their pieces were displayed on clothes racks, which we immediately hurried to.

Their easy, ready-to-wear designs were made with a lot of attention to detail and are great additions to any wardrobe. This, and the affordable pricing, will definitely make their brand a quick favourite among the fashion-conscious crowd.

See some of my fave pictures and looks from the site







Website: www.87origins.com

Instagram: @87origins

Facebook: facebook.com/87origins

Tumblr: 87origins.tumblr.com

Contact: info@87origins.com


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