Health Benefits Of Okro!

Health Benefits Of Okro!

Esther Achinonu discusses some of the health benefits of Okro

Hi girls! See ehn, there’s a lot we wouldn’t take for granted if we truly knew how much good it does to our body. Take Okro for example:


It is a commonly available veggie, containing some of the much-needed proteins and vitamins for our body. It’s also really helpful for those on a weight-loss or healthy lifestyle journey. The main reason why okro is a favorite of dieticians (experts in human nutrition and the regulation of diet) is its near perfect ingredients:

Calorie level in a finger of okro is as low as 30 calories in 100 grams. Cholesterol and fats are virtually absent. It is a fibrous vegetable containing vitamins, minerals, folates, and anti-oxidants like beta carotenes and lutein.

Wow! All that goodness in something we basically see as a lubricant in wolfing down mounds of pounded yam.

Listed below are some of its health benefits:

1. Good for Heart

Since okro is low in calories and high in proteins, a regular diet involving the green is good for the heart. The fiber of the fruit is easily soluble. In addition to reducing cholesterol, it also helps to control increasing blood pressure levels.

2. Keeps Diabetes Away

Research has proved that the fibers of okro help to stabilize blood sugar level. The ingredients in it control the rate of absorption of sugar from the blood by the liver. It helps to keep diabetes away as well as to keep things stable for diabetics.

3. Helps in controlling Constipation

Okro, with its fibrous content, is easy to digest and promotes comfortable bowel movement. It absorbs water, prevents constipation and other bowel irritations and also feeds the good bacteria in our body.

4. Provides ample amount of Vitamins

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are abundantly present in the vegetable. Vitamin A helps to maintain the skin and avoid skin diseases. Vitamin C improves immunity. It also contains vitamin B in abundance.

5. Takes care of the Skin

It helps to avoid zits and keep the skin smooth and glowing.

So why not try some okro and seafood soup this weekend. It’s an awesome combo, I tell you!

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