How To Achieve A Thinner Look

How To Achieve A Thinner Look

How To Achieve A Thinner Look

Did you know that you can look thinner just by selecting the right clothes? Yes, the clothes you wear can affect how you look irrespective of your true size!

I would share a few tips and I hope they help you…

1. Vertical stripes: This is an old but very handy tip. Vertical stripes create a longer and lean look on people, so to achieve a thinner look, Wearing vertical stripes is one sure way to achieve that.

2. Skinny heels with pointy toes: Legs appear slimmer in skirts paired with shoes that have a slender toe and thin heels.

3. Opt for knee-length pencil skirts, dark-colored straight-legged pants and trousers: Stay away from baggy, pleated shorts or calf-length skirts. This creates the illusion of a longer, thinner body.

4. Show some skin in upper body: Expose a bit of skin with a V-necked dress, blouse or jacket. This creates a high focal point on the chest region, diverting attention from the mid-section and creating an illusion of a longer, thinner upper body.

5. Go for over-sized, chunky overalls and slightly over-sized jeans, pants: A chunky jacket, sweater, shirt or bottom can make you body look slimmer in comparison.

6. Stick with one hue for tops and bottoms: When you use different hues for top and bottom, you draw attention to the mid-section. So to create a thinner look, stick with same hue for both tops and bottoms.

7. High-waist bottoms: Elongating the lower body makes the body look slimmer. So go for high-waist skirts and pants.

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