Egg Yolks!

Egg Yolks!

egg yolksIf it were to be modified, ‘An egg a day, keeps the doctor away’ would have been more apt.

Eggs are great for the eyes, for the brain and for the human body on the whole. Diet freaks stay away from the yolk of an egg. Hardly do they realize that the yolk too has many health benefits.

So, here are listed the benefits of egg yolk to bust away the misconception.

1. Egg yolk contains chlorine, which aids the brain’s development.

2. Egg yolk is also beneficial for pregnant and nursing women. It helps in developing a healthy brain in the infants.

3. Research has proved that one egg has 180-190 mg of cholesterol. Human body`s typical intake is 300 mg. Having a whole egg is beneficial rather than having only the white.

4. Egg yolks are extremely beneficial for toddlers as they help in their proper growth and health.

5. The egg yolk contains several nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc etc. Calcium leads to stronger bones, iron helps in formation of hemoglobin in the blood as also helps in the functioning of the brain and immune system. Zinc acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the bones.

6. Egg yolk contains Omega 3 fatty acids, like in fish. These help in development of various organs in the human body.

7. Egg yolk also contains a vitamin named cartenoids. It helps protect our body from macular degeneration.

8. Doctors suggest that eating a whole egg or an egg yolk is better than junk and highly processed foods.

A common myth is that too many eggs may increase the risk of getting a heart disease. However, this is false as eggs intake can be to a maximum of 2-3 per day, unless the person is suffering from heart disease or high cholesterol levels.

Thus, egg yolk is very important for your health and you must make it a point to include it in your diet.

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