Natural Nails: Make Your Polish Last Longer!

Natural Nails: Make Your Polish Last Longer!
Natural Nails: Make Your Polish Last Longer!
Natural Nails Manicure by The Nail Bar

Hey Kamdolls!

I once had a friend ask me for ways to make her manicures last longer, especially considering the fact her nails were natural and she just didn’t like the feel of artificial ones.

Hopefully, the tips below would be helpful to her and others like her who struggle to keep their manicures looking “I-just-left-the-nail-salon fabulous!”

#1: Start by using a cotton-tipped stick (like cotton bud, ear wipes, cotton swab) to wipe down your nails with white vinegar. This is to get rid of any product buildup or natural oils to allow for a neat, dry base.

#2: Put nails and cuticles in shape: Using a nail file, file your nails into a shape that mirrors your cuticles. This makes the nails less vulnerable to breakage. Also take care of your cuticles, ensure proper alignment of cuticles and nails. You can use a pusher tool and cuticle oil to push back the cuticle. It is not advisable to cut off your cuticles.

#3: Next, apply sticky Base Coat: Your nail polish will actually stick better to your nails if a base coat if applied first – it makes polish last longer. For better effect, apply about 2 to 3 layers of base coat before actual painting.

#4: When trying to prevent or remove bubbles from the bottle of nail polish, roll it in-between your hands instead of shaking it up and down.

#5: After proper layering with base coat, paint the nails with your nail polish and do not ignore the “free edge” of your nails. Paint them as well.

#6: Dry nails properly: Contrary to what people are used to, the most appropriate way to dry newly polished nail is with cool air. You can either allow cool natural air to blow your nails or use a blow dryer. Dipping fingertips in cold water for a minute or two is also very helpful.

#7: Once nail is dried you can apply a layer of clear Top Coat. You can also repeat this every two to three days to prevent chipping off and to enhance shine.


Bautiful Nude Nail Polish by Prince Nails Studio

After the manicure process, make polish last longer by following the tips below:

#8: Subsequently replace hand sanitizers with hand-washing soap because sanitizers dry out nails. Also wear gloves while doing the dishes or any chore that would require a lot of contact with water and brushing of the nails against themselves or other objects.

#9: Should the nails begin to grow out, you can hide the ‘half moon’ unpainted part with glitter, giving it a new look with an ombre effect!

#10: If the nail polish starts to chip from the nail tips, file the tips down and apply a layer of top coat.

#11: If a smudge occurs, smoothen out the ridge with a cotton swap dipped in nail polish remover and paint again to avoid a bumpy look.

We hope you found this helpful. Please share any tips you may have, that worked for you in the past in the comment box! Have a fab week ahead dolls! xoxo!

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