Tips On Cracking A Phone Interview

Tips On Cracking A Phone Interview

Tips On Cracking A Phone InterviewHello Kamdora Tribe,

April has finally begun. For me, it’s the end of my service year. For some, it’s the start of a new aspect of their lives. A new job, an extra number on their age, anything…..

For those of us who are career oriented, we do know the importance of regular self development. As things improve, we improve along with it. Go with the tide so to say.

When it comes to interviews, a lot of changes go on on a daily basis. Some organizations don’t even conduct interviews as we know it anymore.

Telephone interviews are more in vogue these days for a number of reasons. Employers want to cut costs involved in traveling, reduce the amount of time and also choose the right candidate from a huge pool of applicants. The interview can be from a HR agency or directly from the company.

Wherever it comes from, it is your chance to make a first impression and your chance to move up to further interviews. It is therefore very important to say the right things in a phone interview and here a few tips to take that call and crack the interview.

1. Be prepared

It is important to be prepared before you take the phone call. Learn more about the company and the job profile. Even if the interview won’t be as detailed, it is important that you know and equally important that you let them know what you are applying for and why you would be suitable for it.

2. Know your resume well

Go through your resume before the interview or keep it handy when you are on the phone, as interviewers are bound to ask questions about your resume to clear their doubts, know more about your qualifications or recheck the information.

3. Voice modulation

Just as being presentable and dressing right is important for a normal interview, it is important that you have a strong and even voice throughout the interview. Remember that your voice will give away your emotions, so if you don’t know an answer, don’t panic but tell them calmly that you don’t know. This is an equally important stage in the interview process, so show respect.

4. Ask for and remember the name of your interviewer

In case you haven’t heard it clearly or if your interviewer hasn’t told you yet, ask for the name and designation and refer to them by their name throughout the interview.

5. Pick a quiet place

It is the most important thing to do before you start the interview. A place with a lot of noise will make you miss out on the questions and make you misunderstand them. Choose a place where you are least likely to be disturbed.

6. Listen carefully

Listening carefully will help you answer questions easily and also know more about the person who is interviewing you. Asking them to repeat the questions or repeat things they have just said will irritate them and create a bad impression.

7. Keep water handy

A long conversation and tension will make your throat go dry, so keep drinking water and talk slowly and clearly so the person on the other end can hear and understand you well. Sometimes phone interviews are not only a screening process but can also play a decisive role in your hiring. So be prepared and put in your full effort.

8. Return the call

Just like you would send a thank you mail in a regular interview, return the call to thank them for the time. This will let them know that you are keen and that you are following up on the interview.

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