3 Contouring Tricks to Try This Easter

3 Contouring Tricks to Try This Easter
3 Contouring Tricks to Try This Easter
Makeup artist Theo of Dorrane Beauty)

Hello Kamdora Tribe 🙂

How are you all doing this beautiful day? Hope you all had a great start to your day! Easter is fast approaching! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Another break for us to relax and learn more beauty tricks. *wink*

So today is all about Contouring. By now we should all know what contouring is. If not ladies, check it out here.

There are three contouring tricks I want to share with you.

Contouring the Eye, Chin and Neck

Now let’s get started:

1. What We Want: Defined Eyes 

Start with your eyelids — The key to sculpting any part of the face is using makeup that’s matte with a cool undertone. These properties absorb light, thereby mimicking shadows naturally created by killer bone structure.

To contour:

i. Dip a short, stiff makeup brush in the contour powder and apply it to the lid.

ii. Then use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend, going deep into the crease (the crease falls along the  bone right above your eyeball). That’s what makes the look pretty and ethereal.

2. What We Want: A Contoured Chin

Creating structure means thinking about where the light naturally hits your face. One spot you’re normally going to have shadows is underneath the jaw.

To contour:

i. Dip the brush into the contour powder, then sweep it from behind the ear down, wrap under the jaw, and then sweep up to the other ear.

Hitting under the chin is essential: A lot of times when we’re relaxing, we start to slouch, and this area doubles up. A double chin (or the appearance of it) happens to all of us as we age, which is why contouring under our chin is essential.

3. What We Want: Collarbones That Pop

Here’s the visual trick to creating a focal point at your neckline: a slight ‘V’ along the neck that draws ‘the eyes to the inner point of your clavicles. 

To contour:

i. Dip a tapered brush into the contour powder and run it diagonally along the right side of your neck and along the top of your right collarbone.

ii. Then brush under the same collarbone as well. Repeat along the other side. It almost creates an arrow pointing down, so no one will look at the width of your neck or shoulders anymore.

iii. For that extra oomph, run highlighter along the high point of your bones. And boom: Now your neckline commands attention!

That’s all I have for you today. Practice this and get back to me. I’ll love to hear from you.

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