The Art Of Texting

The Art Of Texting

The Art Of TextingHello love,

Having a good weekend so far I guess….

The way our days are, trying to get a relationship to work, talking, getting to know each other, it’s basically all done on the phone.

You meet someone and the only time you get to be with him is weekends…. So you text, you chat, you ping each other throughout the week.

So yea, texting plays the most integral part of dating today. With all the chat applications being a part of life, ‘flirtexting’, as it is now known, has become a primary need while dating.

The Art Of Texting

Listed below are some tips that you will find most useful

1. Wait for the first text

Wait to reply if you have received your first text from him. Do not immediately reply to him, this will make you look desperate. Wait for five minutes, then respond to his text in a casual way. Especially, if this is after your first meeting, then it is a must to wait.

2. Initiate texting

Initiate texting by writing something relevant. Saying a ‘hey’ or ‘hello’ would not do the trick. Write something like “what are you doing, are you getting bored like me”. This can help to initiate the conversation. If there is a positive reply, then simply continue with your chat.

3. Use smileys

Use as many smileys as you want to make your conversation interesting. Do not forget to use the blush smiley to make him feel that you are enjoying his text conversation. Do not overuse emoticons in every sentence that you write. This would make the conversation look over the top.

4. Do not use slang

Use of slang language with your friend is alright, but don’t use it with your date. If he is not aware of slang or abbreviations, then it might be embarrassing for him. Use short forms which he can understand. This would make the text conversation interesting.

5. Pay full heed while texting

Pay heed while texting your date, do not pick up any calls in between. Do not make him wait for unreasonable time. Telling him “I will be back in five minutes” will actually put him off. You would not want that to happen, right? So pay heed while texting to continue with the flow of text conversation.

6. Do not send too flirtatious texts

Healthy flirting is good, but don’t overdo it. Do not send flirtatious text messages to your date. It is possible that he might not like it. Do not ever drink and text your date, this might create problems for you as you may type something that may spoil the relationship.

7. Limit your texts

If texting is fun for you, it is good. If you text your date more than thrice a day, then it might bug him. Preferably limit your messages to one or two a day. Affectionate text messages sent once a day will make your date feel good.

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