Fashion Tips For Hourglass Shaped Ladies

Fashion Tips For Hourglass Shaped Ladies
Fashion Tips For Hourglass Shaped LadiesFashion Tips For Hourglass Shaped Ladies

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The hourglass body type is the classic figure of a woman, loved and adored by both sexes. Women with hourglass bodies can carry off almost everything very well. Men love such women for having the right kind of assets.

If you happen to have this kind of a body, you should feel really blessed, because thousands of women around you might be envious of you (I’m definitely envious of you).

The best thing about having an hourglass shaped body is that irrespective of your weight, your body is in the right proportion, and hence, you can pull off any style really easily.

Here are some tips to help you accentuate your body, and make you look great.

1. Flaunt your waist

Since your body is in perfect shape, you can easily choose to flaunt off your waist by going for statement belts. You can also choose from a variety of bottoms to settle on your mid-waist, high-waist or low-waist really well. In doing so, even your bust and hips will look really appealing.

2. Get pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are perfect for your body type. They settle really well on the waist and also make your hips look great. Not all body types can pull off these skirts, so you should consider it to be an advantage for yourself.

3. Avoid loose fabrics

Avoid any kind of dressing material that doesn’t compliment the natural silhouette of your body, and gives a loose outer shape. Instead, look for things that are structured around the natural shape of your body.

4. Try tops with details

When choosing tops, make sure you get some embellishments either on the bust, or on the shoulders and the sleeves to divert attention to your great upper body. Details on the shoulders will help to add some volume, but will also make the waist seem thinner, with the top settling there nicely.

5. Get body shapers

To accentuate your natural body type, you should get body shapers, so that your body looks toned and neat in well-fitted dresses. This is especially advisable for work dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses etc. Wearing them under your outfit will not add any additional weight or shape, but it will only enhance your assets.

6. Focus on vertical prints

Since you already have a great figure, you can also make yourself look taller at the same time by opting for vertical prints and V-necks, which enhance your collarbones, and make your torso appear longer.

7. Have fun with shorts!

The best part about your figure is that you don’t need to feel conscious about wearing shorts. You can opt for mid-waist shorts with body fitted tops, which will make you look trendy and hot.

Don’t be afraid to try out new styles and patterns. Always mix and match your clothes to create your own personal style statement.

The idea is to have fun while dressing up, so that you feel good about your body. After all, dressing nicely is a great confidence booster, and can help to have a great start to the day!

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