#SHEVOICE TobeDaDiva Hints that She is a Voice

#SHEVOICE TobeDaDiva Hints that She is a Voice

Tobechi Nneji

If you know TobedaDiva very well, you can attest to the fact that she is an Influencer. “My voice has changed several lives”, she admits.

 In the way she expresses herself, in the contents she creates; be it online or on-air. It is in her gifts to keep you spell-bound for say, the first 5 seconds, of your encounter with her.

I first met Tobedadiva at a cocktail event

Me: I am…

Tobe: I am…

Me: Extremely Awed!

The bottom-line is, Tobedadiva is one woman that steps into a room, and you won’t forget the impact she had on you.


Tobechi Nneji“I am a #SHEVOICE because I am a woman that has been lifted up and thrown down, but has kept it together.”

#SHEVOICES campaign BY AWLO TV acknowledges the unique story of Tobe and every other woman out there, and believes that your voice is inspired by this uniqueness. If you were inspired by your uniqueness to say something, what would that be? Say it HERE!

#SHEVOICES by AWLO TV is a campaign to mark the official launch of AWLO (African Women in Leadership Organisation) TV, Africa’s First Women Web TV. Kamdora.com is the official partner of #SHEVOICES.


Kaymee Bassey
Kaymee Bassey is a presenter and content creator. She's the CM of facebook.com/kayinspires

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