How To Adjust With Your New Roommate

How To Adjust With Your New Roommate
How To Adjust With Your New RoommateHow To Adjust With Your New Roommate

Hi dolls!

I’ve had my own share of roommates. Back then in school, it was four girls to a room so you can imagine how heated it could get.

Later on, I got a room with my best friend. Trust me, being besties didn’t stop us from having issues. I think it even made us more prone to arguments and fights.

Whether you like your new roommate or not, you got to stay with her. There’s no escape. So why not learn to adjust with her? Read and remember these ten tips I’ve put together which will help you to adjust with your new roommate:

1. Don’t be too rigid

Flexibility is important, especially when you are sharing your room with someone. What you might feel is important, may seem trivial to her. So don’t let little things escalate into ugly fights.

2. Forgive and forget

Every individual comes with her own set of eccentricities. Your new roommate too can have those little annoying habits that you find extremely irritating. But sometimes it’s just best to forgive and forget, only then you can live peacefully with her.

3. Clearly set certain rules

‘Forgive and forget’ is a good policy, but then there are certain things you absolutely can’t forgive. In such a case, it’s a wise thing to clearly set room rules. For example, if you are fine with sharing your comb but not your pillow or vice-versa, make sure you clearly set it as a rule. Let your new roommate know that you are flexible, but there are things that you simply can’t take. Let her know that she can set her rules too which you’ll adhere to. This will make things easier for both of you.

4. Communicate clearly

A clear communication is very important in any case of adjustment. So, make sure you communicate clearly with your roommate.

5. Respect her beliefs

Do not unnecessarily antagonize her by calling her beliefs stupid. When you are sharing, you need to extend a certain amount of respect to her values and beliefs too. For example, if she is an animal lover and a vegetarian, then try not to munch noisily on your chicken wings right in front of her. Try to avoid such situations as much as you can.

6. Give her personal space

Do not intrude into her personal space. Give what you expect, and you’ll get what you expect! So if you want your personal space, give her the same too.

7. Respect her privacy

If she keeps a journal, don’t try reading it. Don’t go around peeping into her laptop, trying to know who she is chatting with. Respect her privacy. If she wants to involve you, she’ll tell you. Don’t get involved on your own.

8. Keep your finances separate

One of the major sources of conflict between roommates is money. Make sure you two clearly discuss about the finances between the two of you. Don’t unnecessarily borrow money, howsoever small the amount may be. If you do, then make sure you return it. Don’t take undue advantage.

9. Be kind and polite

Try being a nice person with her and she’ll reciprocate. Be kind and gentle and talk politely.

10. Be honest

If you want to use the room for a party or spend time with your boyfriend when she’s not around, then don’t do things behind her back. If she turns up sooner than expected and finds her room in a terrible mess, then things may get ugly. So it’s always better to be honest and inform her about your plans in advance. After all, it’s her room too!

Be a good roommate and you’ll get the same.

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